Success For The Entrepreneur 

As an entrepreneur you will hear various advice on achieving success. The only advice this articles gives, is give your self time to achieve your dreams. From hours of research, studies show most entrepreneurs become successful within five years. Yes, you can quit your current job to pursue your dreams, but make sure you have enough money banked to support yourself for the next five years if necessary. Otherwise, be prepared to have a lot of sleepless nights wondering how to keep the lights on or where your next meal is coming from. Yes, God will provide, but remember it is on God’s terms, so be prepared to sweat it out a little.The latter makes for one heck of a story to tell.

The Five Year Time Frame

Give your self five years to achieve your goals for success. I say this, so you don’t get caught up on the unforeseeable problems, which do arise. Focus on the love of doing what you are doing. Try to keep it in the back of your subconscious, of why you are doing what you doing. Remember the world needs your contribution no matter how many times the ego will try to tell you that it won’t work. Think of all the people who can benefit from your service and give your maximum effort.Yes, profit is nice, but it’s only the icing the cake. There will be a lot of time spent in the mud, before the shiny, glittery results are revealed.

How To Get There From Here

This is by no means for you to believe, you have until the fifth year to kick your yourself into success overdrive. Every day take a step towards achieving. Not every day will be a day of action. Certain days will be just for thinking and mapping things out. Other days you will have no clue what to do next. Just know the next step is coming. In the meantime, make sure you continue to take care of yourself, by eating right, spending time with the right people, or simply engaging in fun activities. When the time comes, you will take the necessary or inspired steps.

Don’t be afraid to speak or meet with successful people in your field. Start by showing up. If its not weird, pop up at their work place, see if they are holding a speaking event, what’s the next party they will be attending, or develop the guts to ask them out to lunch. The possibilities are endless, but you won’t know until you ask. Knowledge from other successful people is important, as it is a great indicator for your own success. As an added bonus, successful people might have the resources and connections you need to help launch your own success.

On A Spiritual Note

Put your trust in God and build up your spiritual strength. You’ve been blessed with the spirit to be an entrepreneur for a reason. Know God is guiding you when everything is going well and when the path seems dimly lit. Whatever you decide to do, believe you can achieve and never give up!


Written by:

Omar S.Turner

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