Facing Death

When we realize death is nothing to fear, that is when we can truly start living. We understand our time on Earth is limited and is not meant to live a life in fear. We begin to understand free will and choosing to live a life of purpose. We think about how many close calls we had with death, but yet we are still here.

Death Is A Teacher

Death begs us to question what are we doing with the precious time we do have. Are we living a life of love and joy? Are we choosing pain? Do we trade in our blessed and abundant lives for scarcity and lack? Dead end jobs, toxic relationships, poverty, or sickness was never the answer. When we love the life we live and we are here on Earth to be of service, what is there to fear?

Lessons From Death

Accept our blessings from the Creator. Meet every difficult situation we face with love. Darkness must yield to light. As we embrace love, wisdom, intelligence, and understanding is added onto us. We begin to understand there is more to life than our own drama. Before death comes knocking at our doors we need to examine ourselves. Tap into ourselves for creativity, courage, confidence, the ability to give love, and lend a helping hand. Who are we helping? Who can we say actually loves us? How are we going to be remembered? We won’t be remembered as a millionaire or billionaire, but more for what did we do with our time here. Nothing is permanent, everything in our lives is here for a time, and then it goes away.

Benefits Of Acknowledging Death

We will develop a peace of knowing we are taking care of all  we can and the rest is up to the Higher Power. We accept people’s path and spend less time trying to figure out what they are thinking. We begin to count our blessings and see how fortunate we truly are. We comprehend there is no time like the present and make sure we touch as many lives as possible. An ability to let go of things increases as we learn what is truly worth fighting for. A need to live a life of joy and love becomes our motivation. We tend to worry less about what is going to happen to us when we die, because we know, we are doing all we can in the now. People can’t get us furious for we know, no argument is worth negative energy.

Final Thoughts

Enclosing, this piece is written to increase awareness of the precious time we have. We are not here to live a medicoare life then die. There is no waiting for the perfect moment to take action on something we want to do. Now  is the time to make amends with our negative thoughts or actions. Make peace with ourselves and with our enemies, for we cannot control other people. We don’t know our expiration dates, so treat everyday like it is our last, and enjoy every minute of it, to the best of our abilities. Let people know we love them, due to uncertainty that we will get the opportunity to tell them tomorrow.

Written by Omar S. Turner

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