Mediation is a vital part to anyone who wishes to get in tuned with themselves as well as catapulting their success to the next level.

How Meditation Started

Upon my conscious awakening two years ago, I was eager to learn about who I was spiritually. I breathed, ate, slept and completely embraced my new journey. A lot of my discoveries lead me to meditation. Meditation was supposed to help quiet the mind in order to learn about who I was. The first few times were disastrous, I was disappointed that I couldn’t focus for more than 15 seconds or without falling sleep. I kept working at it. I remember two days before Memorial Day, in the middle of the afternoon I came across how to meditate on, I decided to give it a try. In my bedroom, no pillow, no music, I decided to meditate sitting on the floor.

Taking Flight

This meditation was different, I astral projected without even knowing what I was doing at the time. I can’t even say how many seconds went by before my soul traveled.

My first destination was to the clouds and I was looking for my grandfather who passed away years ago.  I saw an elderly lady who had a look of anger on her face. I asked her if she knew where my grandfather was, however she did not answer me back. I came across someone who passed away five years ago who I recognized.  His face had a look of sadness and I felt pain in my heart. Before I could ask him if he knew where my grandfather was I was transferred.

Image Of An Angel

I ended up in a location which looked like outer space. It was pitch black with stars providing illumination. I looked around my new surroundings and out of no where I was face to face with a demon. The face of this creature was hideous, serpent like. I felt the danger as I froze. Before I could blink; Arch Angel Micheal flew into my field of sight, snatched the creature by its neck, and flew off.

Arch Angel Micheal was huge, I would say 800 feet tall, but even that number doesn’t properly describe how huge Arch Angel Micheal is.  His wing span was massive. Right after that I saw the faces of certain co-workers who meant me harm.

Returning From Meditation

I immediately snapped out of it and I was back in my room. I trembled for a few seconds. After, I felt calm, amazed, shocked, but never scared. For 2 years now, mediation has not been as extravagant as this experience, but definitely beneficial.  Meditation has helped me find purpose, stabilize my emotions, gain spiritual closeness, and become more productive.

We truly don’t understand how large and great we are in these human bodies.

-Omar S. Turner The Life Coach

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