How our limited beliefs keeps us from achieving the life we want.



I am ugly! I’m so stupid! I will never find the one! I’m always broke! I can’t do anything right due to my race or gender, etc. These are what we call limited beliefs. Limited beliefs are the words or phrases that we hear again and again from our parents, friends, or society. The images of what we are supposed to look like, how we are supposed to behave, how are we supposed to feel.

The shift from lack, scarcity, and negative thoughts shifts as we are able to think for ourselves. Breaking away from the negative beliefs that has been ingrained into us from as early as childhood. These are what we call blocks. The blocks will prevent you from achieving true happiness. You can have the money and still not be happy. You can have the perfect mate and still feel alone. It all stems from what negative thoughts you have.


Usually tragic events, being fed up with the same ole results, usually bring about this need for change. Education is your best friend at this point. Start reading, start questioning everything you believe. The truth about yourself could be discovered in certain movies, books, blog posts, and video postings. If you can, align yourself with more positive and successful people. You will learn more and quickly with this hands-on approach. Plus interacting with people  will be give you direct clarity to limited beliefs.

Having gratitude for all the things you have accomplished already, will help change your perspective. When you can see the true you, you will begin to understand you are bless from the day you were born. You are not on Earth to fail. You are here to contribute in some way. The beauty is, your contribution doesn’t have to be on a grandiose level. Your smile alone, can help brighten someone’s day. Being in your presence can help people feel safe and feel more joy.


All is possible, when you choose to get out of your own way, and actively put an end to limited beliefs. You can be or do anything you want! It is up to you to step into your own greatness. Become that incredible financial guru, actor sports player, doctor, or teacher. The world is waiting on you and definitely needs you!

Do not allow the limited beliefs taught to you, keep you in the dark!


Omar S. Turner The Life Coach

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