People are getting into relationships, without understanding who they are first. This lack of discovery may cause people to get into relationships that they had no business getting involved with in the first place.  You can be a fun out going person, and end up with a grumpy couch potato. Instead of realizing this and cut the strings, you take on the blame. You blame yourself, you believe you should have chosen a more engaging outing to take your partner out on. You already know this person to be grumpy, so no matter what, your partner will find something to complain about.  

After a few dates ending in disaster, you surrender your outgoing nature to appease mr/ms grumpy. Where will this land you? Friday nights on the couch, watching tv, when you could be out dancing. It’s not you, you did nothing wrong. You are trying to win a race with a car that’s missing a wheel. 

Know that you are a happy and blessed person, you deserve to be with someone of the same caliber. Love is a two street, you shouldn’t be the only one working to keep the relationship together. It was never your job, or self-made purpose. You are here on this planet to be equally as happy as your mate is, without turning your soul into a love slave. 

Take yourself out on a few dates. Get to know what you like and don’t like. Pay attention to the colors, food, movies, or music that makes your heart sing. Who knows, when you are out doing what you like to do, what’s to stay you won’t meet your future partner? People like to say they don’t have time to go out. The next question is, so when are you going to find time to go out with your new mate? Be aware of the negative thoughts you may have, that can potentially doom a relationship. 

Love should be a fun experience with two people growing together. Yes, you will have your rocky moments,  however, both of you are in it to win it together. 

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