My results from not knowing how to embrace my emotions

 As a boy growing up I was raised to be tough, but yet I had to be nice to my little sister. Here’s the problem with that notion. If I fell and scraped my knee I was told to get up and walk it off. If I felt that I was wronged by another individual, I was told to suck it up even tho I wanted to cry.

I started to grow up subconsciously suppressing my emotions to fit the definition of a man. Without realizing it, I was alienating me for myself. I was severing the relationship I had with love. I pushed away people who loved me.

 As I grew into adulthood, I ran into frequent road blocks with dating. Women wanted me to communicate my feelings to them and I couldn’t. It’s not that I was trying to be difficult, but I flat out didn’t know how to! Couples therapy didn’t do much for me either. I felt therapy was helping me learn about my mate’s issues rapidly, but what about my own?

Growing up to be a tough guy caused me to cut off having compassion for myself, others, and my sister.  When I was ready to take dating more seriously, true intimacy became elusive. After dealing with numerous breakups and a failed engagement, I decided enough was enough!

I began my journey to regain control over my emotions. As a result I’ve learned to have love for myself as well as others. I found a way to balance the masculine and feminine energies within. The joy of being able to expressively communicate while retaining my “manliness” is incredible!

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