God is amazing. God is the Creator. God is love. Love is God. We are all God’s children, therefore God is in all of us. God wants the best for us! From the day we were born, we were blessed with abundance. So many things try to separate us from God. Our parent’s limited beliefs, school education, process foods, and false religions that teaches us to dislike specific groups of people.

Love is the answer to all things because God is love. To hate one thing is to hate all things. We must learn to co-exist. We don’t have to like everything, but we must learn not to allow things to bother us to the point that we can have hate run through our veins. No good solution can come from war. War only sets up resentment and the need for retaliation.

It is peril that we get back to who we truly are. Remember why we came here in the first place. Recall our true gifts given to us at birth, turn our gifts into our life’s purpose.┬áBe a contributor, to help raise the consciousness of the planet. Heal ourselves, help heal others. If it is money we require, then do what we love so money can be obtained effortlessly. We can generate money being that great doctor, realtor, comedian, lawyer, politician, spiritual teacher, entrepreneur, formal teacher, sports player, beautician or singer to name a few. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. When we understand this, we understand that all is possible with the blessings of the Creator.

What we fear, will fall to the side as we step into our greatness. We will realize there is no real failure in life, only change in direction to the final outcome. We must have faith and love in everything we do. When we put love into everything we do, the Creator will return the love back to us, plus more. We will have a career that we love, a mate who we love, a family who we love, the car we love, the home we love, because it all stems from operating out of love. It is time to see ourselves in oneness, and help one another.

Resist the urge to suppress the true you out of fear of what the ego might think and move forward In God’s blessings. We’ve been doing things our own way, only to receive pain, suffering, failures, heartaches, failed relationships, unrewarding careers, and chronic sickness.

There is no shame in being spiritual. There are no said rules that we can’t live a happy spiritual life while owning a luxury vehicle or mansion if that’s what you desire. After all, we were blessed from the day we were born, so it is only right all that we have all in abundance.

Seek the Kingdom of God first and all will be added onto you(Matthew 6:33), by doing the necessary inner work to remove all limiting beliefs.

Written by,

Omar S. Turner

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