The human body is a magnificent piece of machinery or some people would note as a highly complex organism. With plenty of bombardments from the outside world, it easy to get loss and forget how wonderful the human body is. There is however, an unsaid how to guide, to help fast track the body to obtain unlimited achievements, happiness, and peace of mind.

The body, no matter how it looks from the outer layer, internally, the body is circular shaped. The body is made up of energy and this energy is meant to flow in a circular pattern throughout the body. When the body has energy blocks, shortage of money, undesired weight, anxiety, depression, feelings of being lost, or incompatible partnerships may be experienced.

What makes up the circle?


The human body consist of four parts, which are the mind, physical, spiritual, and emotions.

When energy is moving to all four parts, balance and peace are created. For instance, a vehicle requires wheels, a motor, and fuel in order to operate. If one part is missing, the car won’t operate correctly and the same goes for the body.


Brief breakdown of the four parts



Pay attention to thoughts of the human mind. If the mind tells it self that a goal is achievable, then the body will achieve, no matter how tough the situation appears. If the mind tells itself it cannot achieve a goal, then the human body won’t, no matter how simple the task is.


The body requires clean drinkable water and healthy foods, in order to run at its peak performance. The more process foods the body takes in, the more impurities enter the body. Impurities starts to slow the body down and a lack of motivation starts to develop. Exercise plays a part on how the body uses energy and to what it transfers energy to.


Having faith in something larger than what the human body can even imagine. If the human body can’t imagine larger than itself, at least hold the faith that the body can obtain greatness.


When the human body can control its emotions, it will unlock true stabilization over wants and needs.  The human body will see a decrease in anxiety as well as lower levels of impulsiveness.  The body will start to see higher levels of concentration and the ability to block out distractions.

Be mindful and see how great the human body can be!

Written by Omar S. Turner

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