Forgive me, as I write this in the state of mind that I am in. By the time this smoked-filled room clears; hopefully it will all makes sense. This article won’t be decorated with pretty stuff to get your attention. This article is real, and if you found it, it’s because you were supposed to. This is from the heart, one-take like a rapper or actor saying their lines in one shot. No do-over, no corrections! I want to keep the rawness of the mood intact.

You might hear it all over social media and YouTube to follow your dreams. Let me be the first to tell you, following your dreams is not for the faint at heart, and I don’t care how positive you are! You truly have to believe in a Higher Power or at least believe in yourself 100%. When you run out your savings, bills are months past due, your credit score hit rock bottom and your family is hitting you up for money, all signs pointing to quit. God is the only thing that keeps me from calling quits. I know I have the talent and the skills to achieve my dreams. I know the contribution I am leaving to this world, is enormous! This is bigger than life coaching, this not a career, this is my life’s purpose! To help people remember how great they are. Assist people with strengthening their relationship in God. The feedback I get from people, confirms I am on the right path. I know the pay-off is worth the sacrifice. Is this what people mean by when you have to be willing to make sacrifices for your dream? It’s insane! I can tell you this first hand! God has a funny way of doing things. One minute you are getting all the right signs and bailouts to show you, you are on the right path. Yet, still there is that one big hurdle you just can’t clear, no matter what you do! You’ve done it all, self-help books, YouTube; spoke to mentors, read the bible, positive affirmations, and a positive mindset to stay focus. Still you get to the brink disaster. You are no longer in debt by a few hundred but try five figures.

What keeps you going? What is your drive at this point?

Gratitude keeps me going! The appreciation of everything I’ve achieved thus far! My rapid growth, increased knowledge, deeper understanding of love, compassion, and worthwhile experiences, gives me the proof that God is real. There has been a few times in my life when I should have been dead already, but yet I am still here able to tell my story. There have been things i’ve prayed for and God has delivered it, so why should I think otherwise now? God is doing exactly what needs to be done in the background, so we can achieve our dreams. I’ve received a roof over my head, a healthy child, and a peaceful relationship with my child’s mother. Fulfilling my life’s purpose has brought me to meeting my soul mate. A partner and best friend to help move the mission along.

The Power of Now

Everything is in the “NOW”. The minute you can understand this concept, the minute you’ll recognize there‚Äôs no waiting. You have to believe right now that you have it all already. Everything that you are seeking comes from God and from within, as a Co-Creator. You have to say and whole heartily believe who you are! The Universe and your body will get to work to make it happen. I made the mistake of speaking in the future tense, keeping all my desires in the future. You have everything you need to be wildly successful right now. Seek God first in all that you do, you will get rewarded!

Written by Omar S. Turner


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