Why do you need conscious signs

If you are dating a conscious person or thinking about it, these five signs may help shed some light. Plus, this guide is beneficial to knowing if you are dating the real deal! Your best bet is to be open and honest as possible. Conscious people can see through the lies and manipulation. They usually have a plan and know how they are going to execute it. Pretending to be something you are not is a no-no as well. Do not try to define them or tell them what they ought to be. You have to decide if you are going to be their partner or parent. Conscious people desire deep and true connections.  Eliminate some of the guess work when dating a conscious person and enjoy the experience.

1. Their Mindset:

They tend to be outside of the box thinkers. They don’t go along with trends. They are constantly thinking, believe me they would love to shut their mind off, but it’s difficult. Do your best to take their mind off things by being the awesome person you are!

2. Feelings:

Due to their openness they usually have compassion for others. Be prepared to express how you feel, because they genuinely want to know. Nothing is more sexier to a conscious person, than a person who can hold their own in dialogue.

3. Picky Eaters:

They are very choosy in what they put into their body. They don’t mean to annoy you when they say no to your favorite fast food joint. Even the type of water they drink might be an issue.

4. Rituals:

Be aware of things that they must do to get through their day. You might see them wake up with the rising sun to meditate or do yoga. Mediating before going off to bed or praying before meals.

5. Alone Time:

They are not being rude, but they require a significant amount of solitude. They are far from perfect and are working on themselves frequently. They are not closing you out or having an emotional affair. They are constantly thinking, reflecting on how they feel, and how they are handling the relationship.

These five tips are not the end all or be all, but may take away some of the guess work. If you have that special person do not be afraid to let them know. You did your own inner work and you deserve to be with someone who did the inner work too! Good luck out there!

Written By Omar S. Turner

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