This article is about my grandmother’s last days on planet Earth. Going through my own spiritual journey, has brought a sense of calm and understanding of my grandmother’s final chapter in the physical form. Somedays I cry, other days I bask in the glory of knowing my grandmother is undergoing a spiritual transformation. Unknowingly, my cousin had a dream of our grandmother transporting my cousin to her bedside, the night before my meditation. My cousin’s dream was not as intense as my vision, but grandma revealved to my cousin the angel who was coming to take her home.

I normally mediate every morning before starting my day. On June 27, 2017, my meditation was a little out of the ordinary. During meditation, my 93 year old grandmother invaded my space, from a hospital bed in Jamaica. She was able to astral project me back to her bedside to look at her. As I stand over her at rest body, I observe my grandmother’s soul leaving her body, only to stand next to me. Grandma’s soul takes the form of a young woman in her late twenties. The funny part to this was, I had no idea how my grandmother looked as a young lady, growing up.This young woman stretched out her hand for me to take. I took her hand and immediately we transcended to another realm.

We ended up in what looked liked the clear blue skies. Little orbs of yellow light floating around in the sky. My grandmother was showing me her new resting place as she continues her evolution process. So much information was being downloaded into my consciousness. I had instant clarity on how my grandmother was feeling and the limitations of the human body. I felt my grandmother’s bliss of finally being freed from the bondage of the human body.

Grandma told me if, I ever needed her, I was to look up to the sun. The Sun is nothing but energy. Our souls are miniature replications of the sun. We are light energy capable of doing amazing things.

I snapped out of mediation and cried immediately. Not out of sorrow, but for having the absolute feeling that my grandmother was truly happy and safe. I stretched my hands up to the sky and I thanked the Creator for this amazing revelation that I just had.

Limitations of the Human Body

The human body has so many limitations and requirements. The human body knows pain, illness, suffering, lack, limits and time. The human body is a dated piece of machinery, which ages as time goes by. With the human body, parts break down to constantly remind us of our mortality.

Limitless Soul

My grandmother showed me the power of the soul, by transitioning from a 93 year old woman to a young lady in her late twenties. The soul is able to travel to different dimensions and locations in milliseconds. Currently, Olympian Usain Bolt might be the fastest man alive, but imagine how much faster the soul is. The soul is powerful, it doesn’t require food or water, only love. By nature, the soul seeks love, even if the love is dysfunctional. The soul wants you to live a life of purpose while on Earth.

New Understanding

I finally understand life, death and what happens in between. Yes, the next stage of evolution is amazing, but the real work is in the “now”. Most people wait until they are on their death bed to know their Creator and to ask for forgiveness. I urge people to make the connection with higher-self now. We do not know how much time we have here on this planet. Do as much as you can, help as many people as you can. Put love into all that you do. Your legacy started the second you were born. How are you going to be remembered is solely up to you!


I dedicate this piece of literature to my grandmother Rose Turner. I thank her for passing her intelligence, wisdom, love, joy, and insight on to me. Thank you the reader, for taking the time out of your busy lives to read this. Forever, blessed.

Written By Omar S.Turner

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